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Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27 Covid 19 Update

The Premier of Ontario released a plan to reopen the province in phases. This plan will allow some business that were labelled non-essential to start to re-open granted safety precautions are put in place. The plan has four phases of returning to the "new normal". There were no dates given however for when this will all start to play out. The brief stated that they would like to see 2 -4 weeks of steady decline in new case number. Ontario has seen a decline in their number, so we are on the good side of the curve now. We were considered hotel / motel, which was deemed an essential service, so we were never officially shut down.

So again, we will wait and see what the numbers will bring. The re-opening of the schools has been pushed back to May 31st, as well all provincial parks are closed till then. The border still has the May 21st timeframe to re-open, but we know that can be extended if the government sees it necessary.

On a bright now, we have finally seen some spring weather. The lake is getting darker, and we are starting to melt around the lake shore. We are busy getting things ready to be open, for when ever that may be.

Stay safe everyone.
Monday, April 20, 2020

April 20 Covid 19 update

This past weekend the Canadian government announced that they would extend the border closures for another 30 days. That would bring us to around the 21st of May. With our opening dates for fishing season starting on the 16th of May, we will for the first time in 71 years, not have anyone in camp on opening week of the season. This is the reality of our world right now, but I would rather err on the side of caution, then to have another outbreak if restrictions are lifted

Ontario appears to have peaked in it's number of cases, and fresh modeling shows that Canada could be through the worst of the pandemic by the end of the month. This is all hopeful news, and all the provinces are staying the course with restrictions and social distancing to make sure were are past the worst of it.

So again we are in a "wait and see" situation as to when restrictions may be lifted in Ontario and at the Canada / US border.

As for guests who have reservations in May and early June. We will be ready to accommodate you as soon as the border opens. If the deadline is extended past your dates, we do have some open dates later in the year that we could look at if you wanted to come up later in the season. Feel free to check the online availability on the website to check possible future dates.

As for things going on around here, well COLD is the word. We just can't seem to warm up. The ice has started to shift a bit, so we did put the ice eaters in around the dock to start to open it up. Some warm weather sure would help.

On a sad note, please keep all the families in your prayers of the horrible tragic shooting in Nova Scotia this past weekend. We are all heart broken as a country watching this unfold.

Stay safe and healthy.

Monday, April 13, 2020

April 13 Covid 19 update

We are in a cold snap right now with the temperatures not even getting above freezing that last couple of days. A couple more of these and then we will start to warm up. We had a nice Easter with our family gathering taking place on Zoom, a video chat app.
Ontario releases the number of Covid cases each day, and although we have new cases each day, we are not in exponential growth, and our new case levels seem to be staying close to the same amount each day. They are predicting that we will peak sometime this week in Ontario. The vast majority of cases in Ontario are in the southern portion, in or around the Toronto area. There are only a few cases in our area and they are all now in isolation or have been resolved. The Ontario government announced today that they will extend the "lock down" for another month till the middle of May. So the numbers are cautiously optimistic, the feeling is if restrictions are lifted too early, we may end up back where we started.
The borders are controlled by the Federal government, and they look at the entire country with respect to when they would lift restrictions in place. Canada, all in all is not doing terrible in combating the virus. We do have our problem areas that will take longer to peak and lower their curve (Quebec). The problem I believe is that many places in the U.S. are seeing very high rates of Covid 19 (cases per / 1000). I think the Canadian Government will want to see a close balance of rates on both sides of the border to lift the restrictions. This is my guess, and it remaining up to all of us to stop the spread so these restrictions call all be lifted.
We are hoping that soon we will see peaks in all the areas affected in North America, and a downward trend that will lead us out of this crazy situation.
We will keep everyone updated with any more information as it becomes available.
Stay safe everyone.