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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Border crossing tips

Some more helpful tips for crossing the border. When you are entering the quarantine address for Stanley’s Resort
100 West Arm Rd.
Vermilion Bay, ON, P0V2V0
Our postal code or zip code at the end consists of letters and Numbers which alternate. So our postal code is P- zero- V - two - V - zero. Do not use the letter “o” for the zeros, you will get an error.
Also we have had a few guests who were concerned about not getting there passports back from getting renewed before their trip. To enter Canada, a birth certificate and photo ID will be fine. Returning home, the same will work, or a photocopy of old passports will help as well.

Just a quick reminder if you are going get your COVID test for crossing the border, make sure you get a PCR test. Do not get an antigen test. This is not accepted.

There is a pop up testing center in international falls, MN. now.
Quick Results LLC
1229 3rd st. Suite 101
International Falls, MN. 56649