Stanley's Blog

Monday, May 17, 2010
We're up and running. Well after an incredible busy winter, and a non-stop spring, we are here at opening week and back at it. The house construction has been a long and drawn out process and we are near the end, but still not moved in. Construction took a back seat to getting camp ready for all of our guest, so there hasn't been much progress in the last little while.

We have had a warm and early spring. The ice went out April 13th, earliest ever on record. We have had above average temperatures, and low rainfall. The lake is lower this season, and getting into Violet lake is difficult, but not impossible. The weather this week for opener has been incredible. 70 degree days in mid May. This is better weather that we had all last summer. The fishing has been good, but the fish have already started to move into some deeper waters, since spring is so advanced this year. Don't worry, we'll tell you where they are at once you get up here.

Also a quick note for many of you who have sent in credit card deposits. My bank recently changed my credit card terminal, so now I require the 3 digit code on the back of your card. Since I didn't get this from many of you, I did not process your deposit. Well just take care of things once you get up here.

We'll see you up here soon.