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Monday, September 20, 2021

Re booking alert

 Hello!, I am starting the process of re-booking guests for 2022. We are grateful for the short season we did get this year and are planning for 2022. We will be reaching out to everyone in the coming days that we had to cancel due to the border closure to double check dates for 2022. The guests that had their reservations canceled will be offered first preference for the same corresponding week and cabin for 2022. I can tell you now that their will be some difficulties as the calendar changes and creates problems for us. Here is one example. The fishing season always opens the 3rd Saturday in May, so let’s compare 2021 to 2022:

2021 2022
May 15-22 Week #1
May 22-29 Week #2 May 21-28 Week #1
May 29-June 5 Week #3 May 28-June 4 Week #2
So this effectively reduces our season by a week, and when we look at dates, particularly May and June, we are going to have to do some juggling around. We will do our best to make everyone’s dates happen, but as you can see, some things are just a problem with how the calendar falls.
Once we have a framework for those that have re booked their same spots, we can look at requests to change weeks / cabins etc. We are anticipating an extremely busy season in 2022, and we want to make sure that we are able to utilize our cabins to the fullest potential.
The pandemic has undoubtedly caused considerable financial hardship due to the loss of revenue. We are asking all our returning guests to help us ensure that their member’s who have committed to their trips are able to make them. We are anticipating the same border rules that are currently in effect requiring an individual to be fully vaccinated and pre arrival testing in order to cross into Canada. If you or any of your group members are not planning on being vaccinated, please let us know so that we do not loose out on the opportunity to utilize a cabin rental. Even to allow us to move you to a smaller cabin if some members are not able to attend.
As operators of a small business, with an extremely short operating season (often only 20 weeks, but next year maybe only 19) we appreciate everyone’s support and understanding that we are working within the restrictions that are in place.
If your schedule is not set yet, we hope to have the online booking system available by early October. This is a live system that shows you the most current availability for each week. Feel free to book your trip right online, or you can check availability, and then contact us as well.
Again we have had some fantastic fishing this season. Can't wait to see everyone we missed this season.
Here are some photos for your enjoyment.