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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

July 14th Update

Canada and the US agreed to extend the border closure for another 30 days till August 21st. This announcement was expected and is of little consequence as the 14 day quarantine order is still in place till the 31st of August.
So where do we stand today.....Well again, Canada is doing really well, we average 200-350 cases total for the entire country per day. Things are re-opening slowly, and we are still seeing a decline in total new cases. From what we have seen on the news, it looks like the US is not doing so well on the numbers of new cases each day. There are many states that have more total cases than we have seen in all of Canada. With these figures, it is easy for the Canadian Government to justify the border closure extension.
Do we think the border will open at all this season? I have no idea, and ultimately it will be the downturn of the US numbers that will signal to the Canadian Government that things are ready to move forward.
But on the upside... some more family time in Buzzard Lake.
Take care and stay safe!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

July 2 Update

Happy belated Canada Day everyone! Yesterday was Canada Day and we spent the day with friends just hanging out in camp and enjoying the lake view!
It has been a bit since the last update, and we have seen quite a bit of changes since the last post. Up here, the news surrounding Covid 19 is extremely promising. In Ontario we saw only 153 new cases today, and in Canada as a whole, we saw 216 total new cases for the day. Those are incredible numbers and we have really flattened our curve, even though we have began reopening businesses across the country.
Well the numbers that we are seeing coming from the U.S. are not so good...With reports of 50,000 + new cases in one day, the U.S. will surpass the entire amount of Covid cases that Canada reported in just two days totals.
These are important points that the federal government looks at when the are considering opening the border. So if we speculate on opening the border on July 21st and look at US 50,000+ case daily vs Canada 200+ cases daily, it doesn't take long to anticipate what will happen on July 21st. I am speculating that we will see another 30 day extension to August 21st on the border restrictions. So then what is next? Well to add more to the mix, Canada has just extended the 14 quarantine order for anyone crossing into Canada till August 31st. This will effectively prohibit any potential guests arriving from the US until September.......
We will start to contact guests regarding their July / August bookings, and even without the official border announcement, it is the 14 day quarantine order that will be our sticking point this time. This was officially announced today.
Well as disappointing as this is, we want to thank everyone for their support. It is a difficult time for us at Stanley's, but we are utilizing this time just to make everything better for you once you do make it back up to see us. We thank everyone who are helping us just push their reservations over to 2021 when their weeks have to be canceled, and for their kind words and prayers for us.
We are spending some great family time together and were able to participate in a social distancing make shift graduation ceremony for Gavan who completed his high school, and will be moving on to University next fall. We are so proud of him, and were glad he got to make the best of the situation for the class of 2020.