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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Border crossing tips

Some more helpful tips for crossing the border. When you are entering the quarantine address for Stanley’s Resort
100 West Arm Rd.
Vermilion Bay, ON, P0V2V0
Our postal code or zip code at the end consists of letters and Numbers which alternate. So our postal code is P- zero- V - two - V - zero. Do not use the letter “o” for the zeros, you will get an error.
Also we have had a few guests who were concerned about not getting there passports back from getting renewed before their trip. To enter Canada, a birth certificate and photo ID will be fine. Returning home, the same will work, or a photocopy of old passports will help as well.

Just a quick reminder if you are going get your COVID test for crossing the border, make sure you get a PCR test. Do not get an antigen test. This is not accepted.

There is a pop up testing center in international falls, MN. now.
Quick Results LLC
1229 3rd st. Suite 101
International Falls, MN. 56649

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Border crossing, Yay!!

 We have had several US guests arrive into camp. Horray!! The overall border crossing sentiment has been that it is a relatively easy process and not to worry about it or be anxious. Following the directions on the ArriveCan app was straight forward and clear. We have received a couple of tips to follow.

Make sure you have the updated version of the app. If you have a paper copy of vaccination and COVID test bring them with, as if there is a problem with the upload into the ArriveCan app, then you can just hand them a copy.
My brother who was travelling up had his COVID test sample lost by the testing site. He swung through the airport at Minneapolis and was able to get an instant PCR test and continue on up to border.
The quarantine plan ends up being that you need to enter a physical address to quarantine in the ArriveCan app. For this you will enter our address of:
100 West Arm Rd, Vermilion Bay, ON. P0V 2V0
The long lines at the border were just the initial wave of guests and property owners crossing. By the afternoon people were driving right up to the crossing with no wait. Even if you cross on a Saturday which is a normal busy time, I would not anticipate a longer than normal wait time.
When you do pull up to the border agent, make sure everyone is masked, hand them your passports, and your ArriveCan information automatically gets pulled up. Pretty slick.
Monday, July 19, 2021


Follow up to today’s announcement of the border re-opening on August 9th.

Here is what it may look like for our guests crossing from the U.S. into Canada.

Remember firstly you must still be eligible to enter Canada (ie. no felony convictions, DUI’s less than 10 years etc.) These will still be enforced at the border.

Next the newly announced entrance requirements.

1.       All guests 12 and over must have proof of being fully vaccinated and be at least 14 days since their final shot.

2.       Travellers will have to submit proof of a negative Covid test taken at least 72 hours prior to their arrival at the border crossing.

3.       Travellers will have to use the Government of Canada’s ArriveCAN app to document the above requirements prior to arrival at the border (ArriveCAN app is a smartphone app, or can be accessed on a laptop/desktop computer)

4.       Children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated as long as they travel with a fully vaccinated adult.

5.       You may be required to submit to a Covid test at the border. These tests are given to random travellers to gage the effectiveness of the program and detect any new variants entering Canada.

6.       Travellers will be required to provide a quarantine plan, should someone in your group show Covid symptoms or test positive once here. This will not be a difficult step as we will provide you with a quarantine plan to show border officials outlining how that person will be accommodated in a separate quarantine location at Stanley’s.

Once you enter Canada, all travellers will have to adhere to local health regulations requiring masking and social distancing. Currently in Ontario you are required to wear masks in any indoor public spaces / stores / gas stations / restaurants etc. This will probably be in place till late fall, so you will have to plan on masking up.

As for once you are at Stanley’s, we have made many changes to safeguard all of our guests, as well as limit any indoor public spaces down to minimum.

1.       We will start with contactless check-in or check-in with just one group member.  We can send out all the registration information ahead of time as well as boaters safety checklists.

2.       We will encourage our guests to get their fishing licenses online ahead of time. For the packages that have your conservation license included, we will credit you the license value off the package price.

3.       Our cleaning staff will not enter your cabin once you are moved in. We will have a bin available on the porch for used towels, and our housekeeper will refresh them with clean once while you are out. Any trash can be set outside for us to remove as well.

4.       We have moved our Ice machine and portage board to an outside location, as well as the access to the bathroom located in the boathouse in now through an outside entrance.

5.       Bait can be delivered right to your boat.

6.       Unfortunately for this abbreviated 2021 season we will have to cancel the fish frys due to health regulations prohibiting buffet style serving.

We will elaborate on the check-in process with links and downloads in a future post

We understand that many of our guests have had to make alternate plans this year as a result of the lack of a firm opening date at that border. With that being said, we do have some dates that have opened up in August after the border opens. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us or you can just book it online to secure the spot, and we can work out the details later. You will need to enter a credit card, but it will not get charged.

We cannot express how much we have appreciated all the support we have gotten from you, our guests during this difficult time. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone cannot wait till the first U.S. visitor comes into camp since 2019!

Thanks – Rob & Chantal and the staff of Stanley’s Resort

Monday, June 21, 2021

 June 21st Update

Well here is the latest news we have on the border. ---Short form, still no firm date--, BUT there has been some movement by the CDN government, be it very slow and small.

First of all, in my last post I had mentioned we need to reach 75% with one vaccine, and 20% fully vaccinated, well we have almost accomplished that. So we have made some great progress.

So last weeks big announcement was that the border closure extension would be pushed till July 21st.

We have also had some additional announcements today regarding Canadians returning home. Starting in July, Canadians with two vaccine doses will not have to complete a two week quarantine. This is a big step as it means the CDN government is finally recognizing that fully vaccinated people are not a risk of spreading Covid.

The CDN Government is suppose to layout a phased reopening plan in coming days (weeks), but I would be assured, that a requirement would be to open the US border would be to show proof of full vaccination for all adults. So if you are not fully vaccinated yet, it most likely will be a requirement. A negative covid test prior to entry may still be required, but those are common place now.

So again we sit and wait, with a glimmer of hope off in the distance. I have reached out to all those whose dates were affected by the border closer extension, and we hope that we will be able to see things open for us shortly after that July 21st date.

Take care everyone, we are staying positive up here can't wait to see you!
Saturday, May 29, 2021

 Your Stanley’s border update – short form “a lot of information with no definitive opening date”

What we know: The Canada / US border is currently closed till June 21st.
Part 1
The Government of Canada has recently given us some goalposts to meet in order for the Canada / US border to reopen. The Feds state that Canada has to achieve a vaccination rate of 75% of Canadians with their first vaccine dose, and 20% of Canadians who have received both vaccine doses in order to facilitate a reopening. Now in past posts I have mentioned that Canada has been lagging in the vaccination front, mostly due to lack of supply. Well good news… we are catching up. We have gone from mid 30’s in list of most vaccinated countries, up to around 6th. The vaccination clinics are running smoother, the online booking system is getting over its hiccups, and walk in vaccination clinics with no appointment necessary are now common. This has put Canada at almost 58% of the population with at least one dose, now the amount of people who have received their 2nd shot is substantial lower. Now we have seen in the US that the rate of vaccinations will plateau after a while as you start to see some with vaccine hesitancy. Based on our media reports we have not seen a huge amount of people opposed to the vaccine, and most are anxious to receive theirs. So, we are hopeful to see our vaccination rate continue to climb towards the full vaccination levels. Where does this rate of vaccination project we arrive at the 75% / 20% level in terms of a calendar date? It puts us around the end of June. What does this mean, well I get to that in a bit.
Part 2
Ontario has been a Covid hotspot for the last several months. Ontario has the largest population in Canada (14 million) as well as the largest city in Canada (Toronto – 6 million). Because of the high daily Covid numbers, our provincial government has had us in a lockdown for the last several months. Most businesses are closed or only able to offer curbside pick up only. The restrictions have resulted in a dramatic slide in our daily numbers, but some could argue, we were on the backside of the curve along with increased vaccinations rates. Ontario has unveiled a slow phased in re-opening plan, with some restrictions being lifted every 21 days starting in June and going all the way into July and August. Where we are situated in this plan as a hunting and fishing lodge is not clear right now.
Part 3
Just today we have seen some media reports of the US planning to reopen their border with Canada on June 21st. Canada and the US have had the borders closed since March of 2020 and extend the closure 30 days at time. The next extension is set to expire on June 21st. If the US does lift their closure, it will not really mean much more than a political move, and to put pressure on Canada, (which is what we need). Canada may still keep their border closed past the June 21st date, and even if they did open it, until the 14 day mandatory quarantine for all arriving people at the border is lifted things will not change at all. This discussion can be seen as a step in the right direction towards the full re-opening.
Part 4 – Conclusion, speculation, opinion, hopes & dreams
Do I think that Canada will re open the border on June 21st? No I do not. Do I think that Canada will reopen the border once we reach the 75% / 20% level? Somehow I think that once we reach that level, we will get an announcement that will outline a plan, that will take further time to implement to open the border (that is how our government seems to operate).
Where does this leave us? I am afraid to even make a prediction…. I am happy to see that the border is getting a lot of coverage in the media, and the government has shown us the goalposts (75% / 20%). I am happy our vaccination levels are rapidly rising, and our daily Covid cases falling. The anticipation level of all this is the difficult part to deal with for us and yourselves that have actual dates on the calendar that do not quite correspond to “the border will open soon”.
Well, here is my personal thoughts based on the most up to date information I have read and interpreted.
Optimistic – between June 21 and July 21.
Realistic – around July 21
Pessimistic – between July 21 and August 21.
Zombie apocalypse - between August 21 and September 21.
That is all I have, and information is changing and evolving daily. I hope my thoughts have provided some insight, but please note that these are only my observations.
What else do I have…Yesterday was mid 70’s, today mid 30’s and snow squalls. We did make it out last week for opening week of fishing for a few hours. Was beautiful weather but a bit cool on the water. We all caught some nice fish and enjoyed a few hours out on the lake.
We sure miss everyone, and can’t wait till we actually get to see you. Take care and I’ll update as soon as I know more.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021 update

 If you are hoping for a post where I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the border, I will save you the suspense. We have been given no information as to when the border will reopen.

Here is what we do know. As I mentioned before, Canada is lagging behind on the vaccinations. With the lack of domestic production here, we see global supply chain problems trickle down all the way to our little neck of the woods. The vaccinations have started, but not anywhere near to what the U.S. is doing. Chantal and I have received our first vaccination (only because or her nursing status, and myself as a first responder). Both my parents and Chantal's Mom received theirs, but Chantal's dad missed his as he was 6 months too young for the cut off. He will get his next week.
The Covid numbers in Ontario have swelled as we hit our second wave, then dropped a bit, but have risen back up as the more contagious variants seem to become more prevalent now. Some areas are harder hit than others, but we have seen up to three cases per day in our small catchment area, which is a lot for us.
There are calls from US representatives along border states, as well as Canadian MP's from border areas supporting the reopening of the border. The border is federally controlled, and our current government has made any decisions regarding the economy / Covid restrictions / borders etc. based on medical data passed on from the senior advisors staff. The are all talking vaccination...vaccination....vaccination. So unfortunately for us their doesn't seem to be anyone telling us what's after the vaccinations.
We have seen some different projections saying that most of Canada would have their first vaccination by mid / end of June, and the second one in the summer or early fall. The U.S. may have everyone fully vaccinated by that time. With that end of June phrase being mentioned in passing several times, many in the industry feel that we may see some sort of reopening in late June or early July.
Again this is our speculation but it seems that is where we are headed. But.....I have been wrong in the past.
What does that mean for us today. For those of you who are holding onto reservations for May and early / mid June, I have very little faith that the border will be open by that time. If your dates are at the end of June and in thru July, I am holding out hope for some kind of plan being instated for that timeframe.
If you are one of those people with the early dates, here is what we can do.
1. Hold on and see what happens. See what announcement come closer to the dates, and play it by ear.
2. Look for some dates later in the season. If you want to explore some late summer or fall dates, you can check online, email me or give us a call. If you do find a week online you can just go ahead and book it if you want. You have to enter a credit card to make the reservation, but your card does not get charged, and we can just move your deposits over to the new dates.
3. Throw in the hat and just move everything to 2022.
What ever you decide, you are still going to get first chance at booking your same week / cabin for 2022. Also deposits will be carried over. If you aren't sure about 2022 right now, we will hold deposits as a credit for now. We unfortunately cannot return any deposits at this point until we are able to reopen and begin to see some revenue. Thank you for your support and understanding.
So enough talk about all that already...What else is going on up here. We are well into an early spring, and have had some warm and very dry conditions. This winter was one of the warmest and driest on record. We only had one stretch of cold weather that lasted about two weeks, and the rest of the winter was rather mild. We did receive very little snow however, so that means we are very dry, and the water across the entire area is extremely LOW! There are no fire restrictions in place, but I would expect to see them soon. The ice is melting around the sides of the lake quickly, and we could easily see a mid April ice out if these conditions continue. We have been busy with dock upgrades, cabin projects and lots of little things that we can't wait to show everyone once you finally make it up here....
We are not letting all this Covid get to us and are keeping positive and are thankful for a healthy family and all the support we have received for our friends and guests.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Feb 10, 2021 update

 I wanted to reach out to everyone with an update of what is happening up in Canada these days. Well for one….COLD!!! When I woke up this morning it was -40 straight temperature. Yikes!!

Let’s start off talking about vaccines. Canada is lagging on the vaccination front. We kind of got caught with our pants down on this one as the pandemic hit right when Canada was rebuilding several of their vaccine production facilities. Our current domestic production will not be up and running till July of this year, and that is just one of the smaller facilities anyways. The other production facilities are still 1-2 years from being operational.  All of our Pfizer vaccines are coming from Europe; however we do get our Moderna Vaccines from the US, and we have recently approved the Astra Zenaca vaccine, and the J&J vaccine is pending approval.  Pfizer and Moderna have both had supply chain issues, so Canada has received less than their promised amount for February, but the manufacturers have pressed that it will be made up for in March, and their delivery targets will be met.

With the promised allotment of vaccines, and Canada’s population of roughly 37.5 M (smaller than California), Canada has aimed for full vaccination by mid / late summer. Ontario suggests that our vaccinations can be done by July for everyone who wants one. The vaccinations have been rolling out, but they have been only in senior care homes, remote first nations communities and some health care providers for now.

Currently we are flattening our curve right now. We did see some high number after Christmas (high for us), and after some stringent lockdown measure put in place, we are seeing drops in numbers everyday. This is good news as our measures are working!

Canada has instituted some tough measures for Canadian travellers in the short term. We basically have told our airlines to cancel all flights to Mexico, Caribbean, and other warm destinations to stop the spread during winter / spring break trips. We are really trying hard to squash things up here.

We are also watching the numbers drop in the US. As the vaccine rolls out to the south, we are watching the numbers in the Midwest lower drastically too. This is also good news!

Where does this leave us for 2021? That is a tough question. I believe both the Canadian and US governments are trying to put stopping the pandemic first, and then the rest of the government business after that. I think that is why we have not heard anything from them regarding a border opening plan. The pandemic numbers on both sides need to be on a manageable level.  March and April are going to be particularly important months ahead of us. This will project how well the vaccine roll out is going in Canada, and how well our preventative measures are working across the provinces. It is with these markers that will layout any framework for the border reopening.

Do I have concerns about the border not reopening? Well after last season, I can honestly say I have learned to expect anything… I am optimistic that their will be a border reopening at sometime this season, but I do have some worries that there may not be a framework in place for those guests early in the season. (May / June). Again, this is only speculation. I am sure that any framework that involves opening the border will include showing up with a negative test taken at least 72 hours prior to arrival at the border (this is already in place now for returning Canadians). I am not sure if a vaccination would be part of the requirement for entry, but if you do get it, that is just one more box that could be checked off that may make crossing the border easier when it does open.  

I know this may not answer all your questions about your upcoming trip to Stanley’s. I want to just provide you with the most up to date information that we have available. I will increase the frequencies of these updates as information becomes available.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

On a happier note, here are a few photos from earlier this winter.