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Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year!

 We wish everyone all the best for 2022!! We have lots of things in store for this season, but let's start you off with a show we did last spring. This film crew came in early May, and since the border was closed and we had no one around we said, come on, let's go fishing! Enjoy!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Online Store

 Well a lot of guests have asked if we had re-ordered, and I am pleased to let you know we are ready to ship. Our fantastic Lakeside coffee mugs, now in four colors. The same mugs that are in our cabins, can now be shipped in time for Christmas.

Prices are in CDN funds, and I am sorry to say that the shipping is high due to weight of the mugs, but they are totally worth it!
Visit our online store at

Monday, September 20, 2021

Re booking alert

 Hello!, I am starting the process of re-booking guests for 2022. We are grateful for the short season we did get this year and are planning for 2022. We will be reaching out to everyone in the coming days that we had to cancel due to the border closure to double check dates for 2022. The guests that had their reservations canceled will be offered first preference for the same corresponding week and cabin for 2022. I can tell you now that their will be some difficulties as the calendar changes and creates problems for us. Here is one example. The fishing season always opens the 3rd Saturday in May, so let’s compare 2021 to 2022:

2021 2022
May 15-22 Week #1
May 22-29 Week #2 May 21-28 Week #1
May 29-June 5 Week #3 May 28-June 4 Week #2
So this effectively reduces our season by a week, and when we look at dates, particularly May and June, we are going to have to do some juggling around. We will do our best to make everyone’s dates happen, but as you can see, some things are just a problem with how the calendar falls.
Once we have a framework for those that have re booked their same spots, we can look at requests to change weeks / cabins etc. We are anticipating an extremely busy season in 2022, and we want to make sure that we are able to utilize our cabins to the fullest potential.
The pandemic has undoubtedly caused considerable financial hardship due to the loss of revenue. We are asking all our returning guests to help us ensure that their member’s who have committed to their trips are able to make them. We are anticipating the same border rules that are currently in effect requiring an individual to be fully vaccinated and pre arrival testing in order to cross into Canada. If you or any of your group members are not planning on being vaccinated, please let us know so that we do not loose out on the opportunity to utilize a cabin rental. Even to allow us to move you to a smaller cabin if some members are not able to attend.
As operators of a small business, with an extremely short operating season (often only 20 weeks, but next year maybe only 19) we appreciate everyone’s support and understanding that we are working within the restrictions that are in place.
If your schedule is not set yet, we hope to have the online booking system available by early October. This is a live system that shows you the most current availability for each week. Feel free to book your trip right online, or you can check availability, and then contact us as well.
Again we have had some fantastic fishing this season. Can't wait to see everyone we missed this season.
Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Border crossing tips

Some more helpful tips for crossing the border. When you are entering the quarantine address for Stanley’s Resort
100 West Arm Rd.
Vermilion Bay, ON, P0V2V0
Our postal code or zip code at the end consists of letters and Numbers which alternate. So our postal code is P- zero- V - two - V - zero. Do not use the letter “o” for the zeros, you will get an error.
Also we have had a few guests who were concerned about not getting there passports back from getting renewed before their trip. To enter Canada, a birth certificate and photo ID will be fine. Returning home, the same will work, or a photocopy of old passports will help as well.

Just a quick reminder if you are going get your COVID test for crossing the border, make sure you get a PCR test. Do not get an antigen test. This is not accepted.

There is a pop up testing center in international falls, MN. now.
Quick Results LLC
1229 3rd st. Suite 101
International Falls, MN. 56649

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Border crossing, Yay!!

 We have had several US guests arrive into camp. Horray!! The overall border crossing sentiment has been that it is a relatively easy process and not to worry about it or be anxious. Following the directions on the ArriveCan app was straight forward and clear. We have received a couple of tips to follow.

Make sure you have the updated version of the app. If you have a paper copy of vaccination and COVID test bring them with, as if there is a problem with the upload into the ArriveCan app, then you can just hand them a copy.
My brother who was travelling up had his COVID test sample lost by the testing site. He swung through the airport at Minneapolis and was able to get an instant PCR test and continue on up to border.
The quarantine plan ends up being that you need to enter a physical address to quarantine in the ArriveCan app. For this you will enter our address of:
100 West Arm Rd, Vermilion Bay, ON. P0V 2V0
The long lines at the border were just the initial wave of guests and property owners crossing. By the afternoon people were driving right up to the crossing with no wait. Even if you cross on a Saturday which is a normal busy time, I would not anticipate a longer than normal wait time.
When you do pull up to the border agent, make sure everyone is masked, hand them your passports, and your ArriveCan information automatically gets pulled up. Pretty slick.
Monday, July 19, 2021


Follow up to today’s announcement of the border re-opening on August 9th.

Here is what it may look like for our guests crossing from the U.S. into Canada.

Remember firstly you must still be eligible to enter Canada (ie. no felony convictions, DUI’s less than 10 years etc.) These will still be enforced at the border.

Next the newly announced entrance requirements.

1.       All guests 12 and over must have proof of being fully vaccinated and be at least 14 days since their final shot.

2.       Travellers will have to submit proof of a negative Covid test taken at least 72 hours prior to their arrival at the border crossing.

3.       Travellers will have to use the Government of Canada’s ArriveCAN app to document the above requirements prior to arrival at the border (ArriveCAN app is a smartphone app, or can be accessed on a laptop/desktop computer)

4.       Children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated as long as they travel with a fully vaccinated adult.

5.       You may be required to submit to a Covid test at the border. These tests are given to random travellers to gage the effectiveness of the program and detect any new variants entering Canada.

6.       Travellers will be required to provide a quarantine plan, should someone in your group show Covid symptoms or test positive once here. This will not be a difficult step as we will provide you with a quarantine plan to show border officials outlining how that person will be accommodated in a separate quarantine location at Stanley’s.

Once you enter Canada, all travellers will have to adhere to local health regulations requiring masking and social distancing. Currently in Ontario you are required to wear masks in any indoor public spaces / stores / gas stations / restaurants etc. This will probably be in place till late fall, so you will have to plan on masking up.

As for once you are at Stanley’s, we have made many changes to safeguard all of our guests, as well as limit any indoor public spaces down to minimum.

1.       We will start with contactless check-in or check-in with just one group member.  We can send out all the registration information ahead of time as well as boaters safety checklists.

2.       We will encourage our guests to get their fishing licenses online ahead of time. For the packages that have your conservation license included, we will credit you the license value off the package price.

3.       Our cleaning staff will not enter your cabin once you are moved in. We will have a bin available on the porch for used towels, and our housekeeper will refresh them with clean once while you are out. Any trash can be set outside for us to remove as well.

4.       We have moved our Ice machine and portage board to an outside location, as well as the access to the bathroom located in the boathouse in now through an outside entrance.

5.       Bait can be delivered right to your boat.

6.       Unfortunately for this abbreviated 2021 season we will have to cancel the fish frys due to health regulations prohibiting buffet style serving.

We will elaborate on the check-in process with links and downloads in a future post

We understand that many of our guests have had to make alternate plans this year as a result of the lack of a firm opening date at that border. With that being said, we do have some dates that have opened up in August after the border opens. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us or you can just book it online to secure the spot, and we can work out the details later. You will need to enter a credit card, but it will not get charged.

We cannot express how much we have appreciated all the support we have gotten from you, our guests during this difficult time. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone cannot wait till the first U.S. visitor comes into camp since 2019!

Thanks – Rob & Chantal and the staff of Stanley’s Resort

Monday, June 21, 2021

 June 21st Update

Well here is the latest news we have on the border. ---Short form, still no firm date--, BUT there has been some movement by the CDN government, be it very slow and small.

First of all, in my last post I had mentioned we need to reach 75% with one vaccine, and 20% fully vaccinated, well we have almost accomplished that. So we have made some great progress.

So last weeks big announcement was that the border closure extension would be pushed till July 21st.

We have also had some additional announcements today regarding Canadians returning home. Starting in July, Canadians with two vaccine doses will not have to complete a two week quarantine. This is a big step as it means the CDN government is finally recognizing that fully vaccinated people are not a risk of spreading Covid.

The CDN Government is suppose to layout a phased reopening plan in coming days (weeks), but I would be assured, that a requirement would be to open the US border would be to show proof of full vaccination for all adults. So if you are not fully vaccinated yet, it most likely will be a requirement. A negative covid test prior to entry may still be required, but those are common place now.

So again we sit and wait, with a glimmer of hope off in the distance. I have reached out to all those whose dates were affected by the border closer extension, and we hope that we will be able to see things open for us shortly after that July 21st date.

Take care everyone, we are staying positive up here can't wait to see you!