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Monday, June 21, 2021

 June 21st Update

Well here is the latest news we have on the border. ---Short form, still no firm date--, BUT there has been some movement by the CDN government, be it very slow and small.

First of all, in my last post I had mentioned we need to reach 75% with one vaccine, and 20% fully vaccinated, well we have almost accomplished that. So we have made some great progress.

So last weeks big announcement was that the border closure extension would be pushed till July 21st.

We have also had some additional announcements today regarding Canadians returning home. Starting in July, Canadians with two vaccine doses will not have to complete a two week quarantine. This is a big step as it means the CDN government is finally recognizing that fully vaccinated people are not a risk of spreading Covid.

The CDN Government is suppose to layout a phased reopening plan in coming days (weeks), but I would be assured, that a requirement would be to open the US border would be to show proof of full vaccination for all adults. So if you are not fully vaccinated yet, it most likely will be a requirement. A negative covid test prior to entry may still be required, but those are common place now.

So again we sit and wait, with a glimmer of hope off in the distance. I have reached out to all those whose dates were affected by the border closer extension, and we hope that we will be able to see things open for us shortly after that July 21st date.

Take care everyone, we are staying positive up here can't wait to see you!