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Monday, April 13, 2020

April 13 Covid 19 update

We are in a cold snap right now with the temperatures not even getting above freezing that last couple of days. A couple more of these and then we will start to warm up. We had a nice Easter with our family gathering taking place on Zoom, a video chat app.
Ontario releases the number of Covid cases each day, and although we have new cases each day, we are not in exponential growth, and our new case levels seem to be staying close to the same amount each day. They are predicting that we will peak sometime this week in Ontario. The vast majority of cases in Ontario are in the southern portion, in or around the Toronto area. There are only a few cases in our area and they are all now in isolation or have been resolved. The Ontario government announced today that they will extend the "lock down" for another month till the middle of May. So the numbers are cautiously optimistic, the feeling is if restrictions are lifted too early, we may end up back where we started.
The borders are controlled by the Federal government, and they look at the entire country with respect to when they would lift restrictions in place. Canada, all in all is not doing terrible in combating the virus. We do have our problem areas that will take longer to peak and lower their curve (Quebec). The problem I believe is that many places in the U.S. are seeing very high rates of Covid 19 (cases per / 1000). I think the Canadian Government will want to see a close balance of rates on both sides of the border to lift the restrictions. This is my guess, and it remaining up to all of us to stop the spread so these restrictions call all be lifted.
We are hoping that soon we will see peaks in all the areas affected in North America, and a downward trend that will lead us out of this crazy situation.
We will keep everyone updated with any more information as it becomes available.
Stay safe everyone.