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Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27 Covid 19 Update

The Premier of Ontario released a plan to reopen the province in phases. This plan will allow some business that were labelled non-essential to start to re-open granted safety precautions are put in place. The plan has four phases of returning to the "new normal". There were no dates given however for when this will all start to play out. The brief stated that they would like to see 2 -4 weeks of steady decline in new case number. Ontario has seen a decline in their number, so we are on the good side of the curve now. We were considered hotel / motel, which was deemed an essential service, so we were never officially shut down.

So again, we will wait and see what the numbers will bring. The re-opening of the schools has been pushed back to May 31st, as well all provincial parks are closed till then. The border still has the May 21st timeframe to re-open, but we know that can be extended if the government sees it necessary.

On a bright now, we have finally seen some spring weather. The lake is getting darker, and we are starting to melt around the lake shore. We are busy getting things ready to be open, for when ever that may be.

Stay safe everyone.