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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting our Christmas tree

It's always a holiday tradition to go out and find our own tree. We never end up with quite as nice of one as you could buy, but that's half the fun of the whole thing. After enjoying a warmer that normal November, we are locked in a bitter cold spell in December. Tonight's temperature is dropping to -33 C or -27 F. We don't have alot of snow, so we should be making some good ice out on the lake. We finally froze over the last little bit of the lake on Wednesday the 9th.

Our house building project is moving along. We finished the last few outside projects last week, and we can now concentrate on the interior work. I can add another job title to my growing list of skills I have acquired as a camp owner. I can now call my self a spray foam guy, as I am spraying the entire building in foam insulation. It's a dirty tedious job, but it will pay it self off in our cold climate.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sending a baby gift

We have had several people interested in sending up a gift for John-Allen's new baby, John Jr. . The easiest way to get something to them would be to mail it. Their address is:

John & Leeann Bratland
Box 277
Vermilion Bay, ON. P0V 2V0

If you send a gift, you will have to fill out a customs sticker and put it on the package declaring it is a gift, then there won't be any duty charges on it.