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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June 16th update

Well the anticipated news release arrived today with the expected border closure extension to July 21st. So sorry for all those groups who we won't be able to see this July.
We are now focusing on next month in the hope that the restrictions loosen to allow the best social distancing possible...being up here out on a boat in the middle of nowhere.
We are all safe and healthy but are ready for this bumpy ride to be over.
Take care and stay safe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

June10 Covid 19 Update

As we have seen in the past, word will leak out from government sources as to what will be the upcoming border status will be. Well the news agencies are now reporting a possible extension to July 21st for the Canada / US border closure. Although there has been no formal announcement, these reports have in the past turned out to be true.

Not the news we wanted to hear but with some states still with rising numbers it is not totally unexpected. 

Tough, heartbreaking and disappointing for us and our guests who won't be able to visit this year. 

We now look to the next deadline in July and pray that we will be able to welcome our regular guests.

Stay safe everyone.❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, June 4, 2020

June 4 Covid 19 update

Well today was a good day...We got some good news from our provincial government. Starting Friday June 5th, we will be allowed to open to Canadian guests. This is a huge hurdle, as under the emergency orders issued before, we were not allowed to even be open. So my previous post about the state of emergency being extended to June 30th is not an issue anymore. We now just have to watch and see what the federal governments of Canada & the U.S. do, as right now the border is closed till June 21st.

Just to show how crazy this is for us to follow, Monday we were looking at being closed till June 30th, today we get an email saying that we can open in 12 hours....tough to understand it all, but I'll take steps like this which I hope will lead to us welcoming our U.S. guests in.

Take care and stay safe!!
Monday, June 1, 2020

June 1 Covid 19 update

We'll it has been a trying day on both sides of the border....

Our heart goes out to our neighbors affected by the violent protests going on across the U.S.  It is so scary and sad to watch it from this end knowing that many of our guests live right in the affect areas, and some are part of the first responders who are trying so hard to keep everyone safe! Please stay safe everyone.

We have also had some tough news from our provincial government today. It is widely expected that they will extend the emergency order tomorrow till June 30th. What that means, is unless they change any direction in what business can open, we will be closed until after the 30th of June. 

This has been a tough measure to agree with. Our Provincial government has been talking out of both sides of their mouth so to say. The just recently released a statement that they are finally considering allowing regions that have very good number to start to reopen sooner than poor performing regions (our region is the best in the province in terms of low numbers). That has given us some hope to begin our season, now just days later, they are set to announce a 30 day extension. The announcement has not been made yet, and who knows, maybe they may put some regional conditions on it, but we will have to wait to hear from them. 

The way I have characterized this move is like the student that stays home from the dance so they can study and get a 99 on a test the next day. The Ontario government is trying to get our daily number of new cases down to such a low number before they believe it is safe to open businesses. ie trying to get that 99 on a test. Well this number may very well be unachievable at this point, and with 14.5 million people in Ontario, having 300-400 new cases of the virus daily is doing really well!  We may never achieve the number that they are looking for, and yet we are held at their mercy till we get the green light to open. 

SO if we were not held back by the border closure,  then we are tied up by the provincial lawmakers. It is very frustrating for us and for yourselves as well. 

Again, we will wait for the official announcement with details and post here what is happening.

So thinking happy thoughts now...some family photos from Sunday...Casting from shore for walleyes with twister tails...

Stay safe everyone!