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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021 update

 If you are hoping for a post where I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the border, I will save you the suspense. We have been given no information as to when the border will reopen.

Here is what we do know. As I mentioned before, Canada is lagging behind on the vaccinations. With the lack of domestic production here, we see global supply chain problems trickle down all the way to our little neck of the woods. The vaccinations have started, but not anywhere near to what the U.S. is doing. Chantal and I have received our first vaccination (only because or her nursing status, and myself as a first responder). Both my parents and Chantal's Mom received theirs, but Chantal's dad missed his as he was 6 months too young for the cut off. He will get his next week.
The Covid numbers in Ontario have swelled as we hit our second wave, then dropped a bit, but have risen back up as the more contagious variants seem to become more prevalent now. Some areas are harder hit than others, but we have seen up to three cases per day in our small catchment area, which is a lot for us.
There are calls from US representatives along border states, as well as Canadian MP's from border areas supporting the reopening of the border. The border is federally controlled, and our current government has made any decisions regarding the economy / Covid restrictions / borders etc. based on medical data passed on from the senior advisors staff. The are all talking vaccination...vaccination....vaccination. So unfortunately for us their doesn't seem to be anyone telling us what's after the vaccinations.
We have seen some different projections saying that most of Canada would have their first vaccination by mid / end of June, and the second one in the summer or early fall. The U.S. may have everyone fully vaccinated by that time. With that end of June phrase being mentioned in passing several times, many in the industry feel that we may see some sort of reopening in late June or early July.
Again this is our speculation but it seems that is where we are headed. But.....I have been wrong in the past.
What does that mean for us today. For those of you who are holding onto reservations for May and early / mid June, I have very little faith that the border will be open by that time. If your dates are at the end of June and in thru July, I am holding out hope for some kind of plan being instated for that timeframe.
If you are one of those people with the early dates, here is what we can do.
1. Hold on and see what happens. See what announcement come closer to the dates, and play it by ear.
2. Look for some dates later in the season. If you want to explore some late summer or fall dates, you can check online, email me or give us a call. If you do find a week online you can just go ahead and book it if you want. You have to enter a credit card to make the reservation, but your card does not get charged, and we can just move your deposits over to the new dates.
3. Throw in the hat and just move everything to 2022.
What ever you decide, you are still going to get first chance at booking your same week / cabin for 2022. Also deposits will be carried over. If you aren't sure about 2022 right now, we will hold deposits as a credit for now. We unfortunately cannot return any deposits at this point until we are able to reopen and begin to see some revenue. Thank you for your support and understanding.
So enough talk about all that already...What else is going on up here. We are well into an early spring, and have had some warm and very dry conditions. This winter was one of the warmest and driest on record. We only had one stretch of cold weather that lasted about two weeks, and the rest of the winter was rather mild. We did receive very little snow however, so that means we are very dry, and the water across the entire area is extremely LOW! There are no fire restrictions in place, but I would expect to see them soon. The ice is melting around the sides of the lake quickly, and we could easily see a mid April ice out if these conditions continue. We have been busy with dock upgrades, cabin projects and lots of little things that we can't wait to show everyone once you finally make it up here....
We are not letting all this Covid get to us and are keeping positive and are thankful for a healthy family and all the support we have received for our friends and guests.