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Monday, September 28, 2020

2021 Bookings

 Time to think about next season everyone...

Well here is a very short recap...Well we did open, and we did have a small number of guests from the area visit us this past season. But we really did miss our US friends up here this year.
With the extra time on our hands we have been able to do a huge amount of maintenance and upgrades to the entire property. So we have so much we want to show everyone...
So how does a business survive being closed for the most part for an entire operating season? Well a large part is the support from all of our guests who have rolled over their deposits and pushed their reservations over to 2021. Thank-you so much as well as all the kind words, your stories and prayers for us. Thank-you.
We will have to take on some debt to carry us through this 2020 season, but in setting our prices for 2021, we understand that many of our guests have had their own struggles. We are looking at only a 2% price increase for next season, which is our basic inflation rate in Canada.
We are trying to re-confirm with everyone who have pushed their trips to 2021, that the corresponding dates are still applicable. Once we have all of the groups who are re-booking set, then I will open things up for guests who would like to change dates, group sizes, cabins and so on. We would like to get this done as soon a possible as we have several new groups that are waiting to come visit Stanley's for the first time.
As I write this, Canada is entering it's second wave of Covid. We are expected to peak in October, and right now we are seeing 1500 new cases for the entire country today. There are mandatory mask requirements for everyone in indoor public places, and gathering numbers have been reduced in size across Canada. The numbers of cases after we peaked in the spring have been as low as 250 for the entire country for a day, so we can make things happen when we need to.
What are our thoughts about next season and the border...Well, here is what we are thinking / hoping. There have been some promising progress on a vaccine that could start to be utilized in early 2021. This would be a great development. There have also been some great strides made on a rapid Covid test. We could see a model that would require a proof of a negative test or vaccination record as an admission requirement to enter Canada. Hawaii has started using the negative Covid test requirement, and it may form a model for many other destinations to follow. Please remember these are our gathered thoughts and observations, and the official government procedure may be different. I know there is incredible pressure on both governments to come up with a suitable plan to facilitate the re-opening of the borders between Canada and the US. Currently the border is still closed to non-essential traffic.
Stanley's is optimistic and positive, and are ready to welcome everyone next year and to make up for 2020. This fishing next season is going to be UNREAL, and you won't want to miss it.
So looking forward to talking with everyone soon about their 2021 dates and even better, seeing you next year.
Take care and stay safe!
Rob & Chantal and the staff of Stanley's Resort