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Thursday, June 4, 2020

June 4 Covid 19 update

Well today was a good day...We got some good news from our provincial government. Starting Friday June 5th, we will be allowed to open to Canadian guests. This is a huge hurdle, as under the emergency orders issued before, we were not allowed to even be open. So my previous post about the state of emergency being extended to June 30th is not an issue anymore. We now just have to watch and see what the federal governments of Canada & the U.S. do, as right now the border is closed till June 21st.

Just to show how crazy this is for us to follow, Monday we were looking at being closed till June 30th, today we get an email saying that we can open in 12 hours....tough to understand it all, but I'll take steps like this which I hope will lead to us welcoming our U.S. guests in.

Take care and stay safe!!