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Monday, May 4, 2020

May 4 Covid 19 Update

Ontario has been doing very well in it's reduction of new cases of Covid 19. We still have been seeing new cases arise in Southern Ontario, but those numbers are dropping. So just some geography for everyone, Ontario is 1.5X the size of Texas, with a population of just over 14.5 million people. So we are a big province, but turning a corner for the good.

The Ontario Government continued laying out re-opening plans. They are making small calculated steps to ensure that we don't re-enter a second wave. It is slow going and sometimes frustrating for us, as we have no roadmap to follow and plan for. Especially for many of our guest who have set dates that will soon have to decide whether it is a go / no-go situation. Every day a new press release will shine some light on new details that are in the works, but again these are only small indications of what may happen in the near future.  A big issue with Ontario residents is the government is keeping people away from their lake cabins, and has banned all camping right now. The Premier hinted that this may be relaxed in a couple of weeks, but no guarantees.

So again we wait and see. We are on the road to opening,  so I will take that as a good start to May. With the ice going off the lake this weekend, that is another good step in the right direction. The next few weeks will be key to see how many restrictions that are in place will be lifted.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and has a beautiful spring. Good think the ice did go out when it did. This week will be cooler the normal, with the nights dipping well below freezing levels!! I am ready for some warmer weather!