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Monday, May 18, 2020

May 18 Covid 19 update

Happy Victoria Day. Today is a national holiday in Canada, so there was no real new releases today. The big news that we are waiting for is the re-opening of the border. Currently the border restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on May 21st. The last deadline on April 21st they announced a few days prior that the will be extending it. So we are all expecting some king of announcement shortly as to what will happen. There have been wide spread rumors in the media that the US and Canada will announce another 30 day extension, BUT we have not heard anything official as of yet....

Somehow I have a feeling the rumors may turn out to be true, and we may see another push back to the 21st of June......

I will provide and additional update this week as any more news becomes available.

All of these decisions are out of our hands, so we are keeping positive and being thankful for our health and family. An incredible thing did happen yesterday. I was able to go out fishing on opening weekend for the first time in my entire life! We had a great day on the water with Chantal and Ally all catching their personal best walleyes. It was just beautiful weather and topped off a fantastic day.

Attached are some photos for yesterday. The water level going thru the rapids is good, and it is easy navigating. A bear was helping unwrap one of the boats at Walleye lake portage. Some fishing pictures (all were released) and a shot of the Lynx walking out of camp this morning.

Take care and stay safe!