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Monday, March 16, 2020

Covid 19 Update

In an effort to answer many questions about the uncertainty of the upcoming season, I would like to assure everyone with reservations and deposits,  that there is no need to worry that you would lose your deposit if travel restrictions were in place that you could not make your trip.

So information changes so rapidly, but here is what is going on up in Canada, and Northwestern Ontario. The Canadian government did implement border closures for International travellers coming to Canada, BUT not for U.S. citizens. So the border is not closed at all between our two countries.  

Like everywhere in the world, we are all urged to limit social interaction to restrict the spread of Covid -19.  We have no cases of the virus in our immediate area, but there is a presumed case close to the US border. So our schools and Universities are closed as a precaution, and of course NO Hockey!

Canada like the U.S., is being proactive to lower the curve on the spread of the virus, so all these measures are temporary until the numbers of new cases starts to level off.  We cannot predict when this will happen, but the consensus  around, is that most people are heeding the government's request to curb social interactions, so we hope to see things level out in the weeks to come.

Many of your planned trips are months away, and we will keep everyone informed of any developments that occur, but we feel that a "wait and see" approach right now may be the best course of action. As I mentioned before, please do not fear that you will possibly lose any deposit that was sent.

We are doing our part and staying up here in the north woods close to home. Since there is no one really close around us, we do get to socially isolate ourselves at some pretty spots around the lake.

Stay safe, and we are all counting on seeing everyone this spring / summer / fall up on the lakes enjoying themselves