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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HST / GST Rebate Update

After finally getting the proper person at the rebate center, it has been determined that the whole problem stems from the fact that they changed the form number and didn't tell anyone. Since your application was filed on the old form, which looks pretty much like the new form, but with a different number on it,  it was rejected.  Yeah I know.....all I can do is shake my head at this one.

Because there is a file started with your name on it, I can no longer talk to them about your specific file due to privacy laws. So here is what you have to do. Download the new form GST 115, print it out, fill in the appropriate boxes with the same information from your old form and send it in with your correspondence that you received and ask for a re-assessment. They promised me they will process them quickly and everyone should receive their refunds.Now you will need extra postage to send it to Canada, or else your letter will be returned. The applications need to be sent back to the address from the rebate center.

I apologise for this inconvenience, but sometimes the workings of the government are just more that I can believe.