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Sunday, November 8, 2009

House foundation

Building a house can also be as much fun moving / shopping for a house.. When we decided to build, I put together a timeline in my head to have the old house down in August, have the contractor start in September, and would like to have it all closed in before the heavy snow arrives in November / December. Now remember, that was the plan, and we all know how the best laid plans go.

The demolition went along as planned, and after only 40 dump truck loads of debris to the land fill, the site was ready. I decided to dig down right to the bedrock, we have problems with the frost and unstable ground in this area, so I wanted to be sure this house wasn't going to ever move. We also have a problem with bedrock in this area, you never know what it is doing underneath the soil.

So here is a picture of my daughter about 9 ft down from grade on the bedrock. So we'll have a crawlspace at the front of the house and a basketball court at the back.

On September 1st, my contractor started laying things out, right on schedule. The footings were difficult due to the quick changing slope of the rock, and the fact that the soil was all clay. If you add a little water to the clay, you get a nice mud!!