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Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Week

Hi Chantal and Rob,

As Lyne indicated in her e-mail, this was one of my best experiences for fishing – and I have been at many places in the north of Quebec. Our day with the guide (John) and our portage experience were both memorable. The fishing was great. Lot's of fish and big ones. It will be hard to go back to catching those 12 inch walley's in this area. I guess this means we will have to go back again….

You have a beautiful resort. We enjoyed the beauty of it all, the clear water, eagles flying around, the deer running in the woods, etc….. Not to mention that the cottages are beautiful and comfortable! Boats are spacious and comfortable and your staff extremely friendly and helpful.
As promised, here are some good pictures you may use for your blog. Just for your info, the northern pike was caught on Friday July 17 at Walleye Lake – 44 inches – approx. 25pds
The walleye from Luc is a 22 inches which we had to release…but it was worth the fight. As for Lyne, she caught a 19inches bass…what a fight!!!
Many thanks