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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back from the Sportshows

We have made it back up north from attending the All-Canada shows in Minneapolis and Chicago. It was great to see many of our old guests and chat with some new ones. Here are some of the most asked questions from this year.
  • Do we need Passports? - YES, to re-enter the US starting June of 2009, everyone will need a passport, (children can use birth certificates). The US has also just come out with a lower cost secure ID card that will work only between US and Canada.
  • Will my cell phone work? - Currently only Verizon phones work in the area, but a local telephone company is working on setting up a new network that would be compatible with ATT & Sprint. We'll keep everyone posted.
  • What's new at Stanley's for 2009 - This spring we are looking to upgrade some of the appliances that have been around for a few years. The new ones are much more efficient on energy and we like to keep ahead of the game and not just replace them when they fail.

We have had a couple of guests that have had no reply to emails that have been sent to us. After a little bit of digging we were able to come to a find a couple issues. As with everyone these days, a spam blocker is necessary to keep you inbox manageable. We have found emails that were sent there accidentally and were missed for a while before they were found and replied to. We apologize for this. We also have had incidents where we have replied back to guests, and our messages were directed to their spam box, and missed by them. We want to make sure that we are able to answer any questions that you have quickly. If you have emailed us, and have not received an answer back in a timely manner, please call us, as we may have missed each other letters, or the email is still out there in cyberspace. Besides we always love to talk fishing anyways......